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Milk Quality Speacialists

The Milk Quality Specialist team supply an on the road service that covers the Southland region; to support farmers with plant hygiene, product choice and compatibility, also DeLaval product delivery to your door.

  • Rubberware
  • Dairy Detergents
  • Teatsprays
  • Grade Busting


Expert Advice

Hygiene has a very important part to play in the dairy shed, both to keep the animals in optimum milking condition and to keep the plant clean and bacteria free.

  • Grade Busting
    • Milking Machine Hygiene Inspection
    • Milk and Delivery Line Inspection (Camera Avaliable)
  • Chemical and Teatspray Requirements
  • Liner and Tubing Compatibility
  • Product Support and Backup from DeLaval Trained Staff

Supply of DeLaval Products

The Milk Quality Specialist team provide an on the road delivery service bringing essential consumables and spare parts to your gate.

  • Ruberware
    • Liners
    • Tubing
  • Milk Filters
  • Dairy Detergents
  • Teatsprays
  • Animal Health
  • Rubber Matting
  • Dairy Accessories
  • DeLaval Spare Parts