The Southland Farm Services Milking and Engineering Division is experienced in all your plant servicing and testing needs, with an on call technician available 24 hours 7 days a week. We can assist with breakdowns and services with all makes and models of milking plant, and have a range of servicing programs to limit costly breakdowns.

Southland Farm Services have MPTA ( Milking and Pumping Trade Association) qualified Plant Machine Testers and qualified welders to assist with the everyday dairy industry demands.

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Eastern Farm Services

Southland Farm Services also has a Milking and Engineering Division operating out of Gore; allowing for better and faster service to our eastern lying customers along with rates charged from Gore instead of Invercargill.

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Winter Service Program

During the winter months we have an extensive InService™ program, focusing on getting the milking plant at optimum milking capability for the start of the upcoming milking season. The program involves milk machine testing by an MPTA approved tester and if needed any repairs and maintenance to start the new season in ideal conditions. This service is not limited to the winter months.

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Gland Servicing

We recommend that rotary centre glands are serviced annually to eliminate costly and time consuming breakdowns, as well as making sure the centre gland is clean. Southland Farm Services Milking and Engineering Division manages centre gland servicing so that clients are informed ahead of time that servicing is due.

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Plate Cooler Servicing

Servicing your plate cooler keeps it working efficiently and effectively, helps to prevent grades and can help discover wear in the cooler before issues arise.  

Plates are cleaned with a Rydlyme solution which is:

  • Fully Biodegradable

  • Environmentally non-hazardous chemical

  • Non-eroding

  • Non-oxidizing

  • Non-pitting

Breakdown Service

Southland Farm Services have InService™ technicians on the road, with an available 24 hour service technician to keep the milk flowing no matter the day or time. The cows need milked so we as a company must be flexible to make sure your milking plant is working when you need it.

Teatspray Unit Servicing

The Milking and Engineering Division has the gear and expertise to repair and service your Teatspray unit, making sure it is working at its best and keeping your cows protected.

Dynamic Wet Testing

The Milking and Engineering Division can perform a dynamic wet test, real time milking test of vacuum levels, right at the teat end:

  • More accurate and in-depth than your annual plant check

  • Excellent at picking up over-milking and teat damage issues

  • Complete with a comprehensive report

Other Services

The Southland Farm Services Milking and Engineering Division also have capabilities in engineering and fabrication with trade qualified engineers and qualified stainless steel welders.