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Adapted to the needs of you and your farm

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DeLaval offers a range of parlours that are adapted to the needs of you and your farm. Every parlour is designed so you and your animals are comfortable and safe at all times. Our extensive research and development ensures a fast, efficient and thorough milking process from the moment your cows enter the milking parlour until the moment they leave.


Parallel Parlours

Our parallel parlours help you achieve fast throughput by ensuring cow traffic runs smoothly, milking equipment performs optimally, and that milking is fast and effective. In this way, you can maximise throughput and milk yield, while minimising cost per litre of milk. After all, throughput is the fast-lane to profitability

DeLaval MidiLine™

A range of swing-overs for 21st century farms - the ultimate low input, high throughput, batch milking system. These systems maximise the use of each cluster. Clusters are positioned in the middle of the pit, and swing over to serve both sides of the parlour. The ML2100 and ML3100 can achieve a similar parlour capacity to a double-up system, for significantly less capital.

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