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DeLaval MidiLine™ ML2100

DeLaval MidiLine™ ML2100 is the ultimate low input, high throughput, batch milking system. It makes maximum use of each cluster – positioned in the middle of the pit, they swing over to serve both sides of the parlour – very cluster efficient.

Reduced labour costs

Fast and efficient milking

Customised automation


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Key Benefits

Reduced labour costs

Herd management helps with the daily work and gives a good overview of all the data you need to lead the flock and increase profitability. An automated, animal-specific milking bed feeding system reduces the workload. The automated cleaning system is perfectly tailored to the requirements of milking technology.

Fast and efficient milking



With excellent positioning of the cow, you can achieve a high degree of worker and cow comfort. The Swing-Over-Arm improves comfort and effectiveness. It provides clearance in the milking pit and helps to position the milking unit better on the udder

Customised automation

Whether it is a milk level meter, an automatic milking unit (ACR), or a milking place controller with full access to the herd management system, the MidiLine system can be perfectly tailored to your needs. The DelPro (TM) herd management system also enables the automatic sorting of cows, automated milking systems and monitoring of milking.

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