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Automatic calf feeding with DeLaval 
Calf Feeder CF1000S

Calf Feeder CF1000S

Effective calf feeding and related management can minimise future herd health problems, lower costs, maximise income and create a stable basis for the growth of your business. The optimal approach is to feed your calves often, with small individually adapted portions. This method allows the calves to properly digest their feed, promotes good growth and limits feed wastage.

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DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S - freshly prepared


When a calf enters a milk station the CF1000S prepares precise instant portions of fresh milk at the right temperature, provided the calf is allowed to drink. The milk station identifies each calf by its electronic transponder, knows the calf’s feeding plan, when it is allowed to drink, and how much. CF1000S can handle four teat units and up to 120 calves. The combi version can mix fresh milk, powder and water in any combination

The most important features


Application - for farms of any size

• Cost effective tool for rearing healthy calves.

Feed preparation in 250-500ml - only on demand

• Feed portions that are always freshly prepared.

• Feed temperature is always precise.

• Gentle mixing of milk powder.

• Precision doser for powder additives.

• Dosing pump for liquid additives and detergent.

• Possibility to use different feeding plans.

Helping prevent cross-suckling

Wean the calves gently by gradually reducing their milk rations

• Faster development into a ruminant.

• Improved animal health, reduced animal losses.

Extension options for CF1000S

• Allows for simultaneous feeding in four drinking stations using just one automatic feeder.

• Four calves at one time (120 calves total).

• Priority feeding control for young calves

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